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Practice Management Program
Primary Care Networks Program Management Office
Toward Optimized Practice


Income is one of the most powerful determinants of health, and intervening can have a profound impact for individuals and families. Individuals living with financial strain typically have worse health outcomes. 

There is an exciting opportunity that now exists because there are simple, evidence-based actions that primary care teams can do to help patients experiencing financial strain. 

Addressing financial strain will require new approaches from teams in the Patient's Medical Home as well as the health neighborhood. These partnerships and collaboration will be essential to enhance the care provided to patients. 

This course was designed to help physicians and team members implement practice changes that improve care for patients living with financial strain. It will take approximately 3-hours to complete the course and it has been specifically designed for primary care physicians, clinical team members, and Practice Facilitators in Alberta.

Curriculum Content

The key concepts included are:

  • RIFS terminology outlines the specific language and acronyms used throughout the course that may be unfamiliar to some.

  • Engaging primary care focuses on sharing some of the data about financial strain and outlining how primary care teams can be part of the solution which aligns with the implementation of the Patient's Medical Home.

  • Introduction to the RIFS change package describes the concept of a change package, what its purpose is, and how to use it within a primary care setting. 

  • An overview of the evidence and potentially better practices for each of the high impact changes: 

    • Improve the patient experience 

    • Identify paneled patients  

    • Standardize documentation 

    • Optimize care management  

    • Coordinate care in the medical home 

    • Coordinate care in the health neighbourhood 

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, participants will be able to...

  • Understand the impact financial strain can have on individuals and families in regard to their physical and mental health.  

  • Explain how process improvements that address financial strain support the implementation of the Patient's Medical Home. 

  • Support a clinical team to implement the potentially better practices within the RIFS change package.