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Practice Management Program
Primary Care Networks Program Management Office
Toward Optimized Practice

Sign up for a Website Account

​Some collaborative or PCN operational pages of the ACTT website require an account to access. Website accounts can be granted to any PCN staff or to partner organization staff with a specific role that requires access. 
If you already have an account with a PCN PMO template website, or itself, you can use that login information here, although you may need to be provided access. If you believe you have an account already but have forgotten your login information, you can request a new password. For any account issues, contact

To gain access to the ACTT website collaborative or PCN operational pages, select the method below that most closely matches your need.

EMR Network - Alberta

ACTT (Accelerating Change Transformation Team) have partnered with PCN and clinic EMR experts to deliver a provincial EMR Network.This includes pages for Accuro, Wolf, Healthquest, Med Acces, PS Suite, and AVA EMRs as well as pre-registration for the CHR EMR.
Sign up for the network through CVENT

Practice Facilitator Network

To facilitate the connection of over 200 Practice Facilitators (PFs), the Co-Design team has partnered with Accelerating Change Transformation Team (ACTT) and Access Improvement Measures (AIM) to develop a provincial Improvement Facilitator Network that allows for shared learning, collaboration, and rapid spread of promising ideas.
Sign up for the network through CVENT

PCN Communicators Collaborative and Toolkit

A place for PCN staff responsible for PCN communications to share ideas and ask questions of each other.
Email to sign up

PCN News and Operational Documents

This section of the website contains an announcments board for information relevant to PCNs, as well as PCN operational documents such as budget and report templates. It also contains a section for evaluation resources, and Alberta Health policty documents.
Email to sign up

Provincial Programs - Red Deer PCN Facilitated

The Red Deer PCN runs serveral training programs for PCN staff including Happiness Basics, Health Basics, Anxiety to Calm, Moving on with Persistent Pain, Journeying through Grief and Relationships in Motion.
Register through the Red Deer Primary Care Network