Note of acknowledgement: We are aware that these are extraordinary times and we understand COVID-19 is the priority for physicians and PCNs right now. CII/CPAR continues to offer an opportunity for enhanced continuity and remains available to physicians as their situation evolves.
eNotifications are now live in TELUS Health Wolf EMR. Twenty physicians in 10 clinics that are live on Community Information Integration/Central Patient Attachment Registry are now receiving notice in their Wolf EMR, in the same place they see lab reports, when one of their paneled patients has had an emergency department visit, hospital admission or discharge or day surgery. They join the seven clinics using Healthquest EMR already receiving this service.

Life Medical Clinic in Whitecourt is one of the clinics that is live and on the very first day, Dr. Joseph Ojedokun noted a number of items for his team to action. For example, follow-up with a patient that had visited the emergency department during clinic hours indicated that the patient was not aware the clinic was providing care for patients during the pandemic. “These notifications of care received outside of the Patient’s Medical Home are providing us an opportunity to educate patients on the best place to seek care, particularly those with chronic health conditions. We are reminding patients of the importance of continuity of care and to 'call us first' before attending the emergency department.” eNotifications received from distant communities have allowed clinic team members to follow-up with the patient and confirm the care relationship.

TELUS Health is getting ready to launch eNotifications for Med Access next. PS Suite EMR will follow. QHR Accuro clinics are just getting started with CII/CPAR and will be enabled for eNotifications later this year.

Participation in CII/CPAR remains an opportunity for family physicians. Interested physicians should tell their PCN that they are interested in participating. 

Learn about the latest participation numbers including providers, patient encounters, consult reports and more in the monthly statistics report.