Note of acknowledgement: We are aware that these are extraordinary times and we understand COVID-19 is the priority for physicians and PCNs right now. CII/CPAR continues to offer an opportunity for enhanced continuity and remains available to physicians as their situation evolves. The following information contains the latest CII/CPAR participation and data update.

Specialists working in the community have long desired to upload their consult reports to Alberta Netcare. Community Information Integration (CII) is delivering; since its introduction over 33,000 consult reports that would not previously have been available have been uploaded to the Netcare records of Albertans. These consult reports are sharing important information from the patient’s circle of care and signaling to other providers that a specialist is managing the condition for that patient. Interested specialists should contact eHealth Support Services at: 1.855.643.8649 or email for more information.

Primary care providers using TELUS EMRs and participating in the CII/Central Patient Attachment Registry (CPAR) will soon join Healthquest EMR users receiving eNotifications when their CPAR paneled patients have a hospital admission, discharge or emergency department visit. Wolf is set to go live at the end of March; Med Access and PS Suite will follow shortly.

As a result of CII/CPAR technology over 100,000 Albertans now have a community encounter digest in their Netcare record. CII/CPAR remains an opportunity for enhanced continuity between patients and their physicians in Alberta. Today over 200 physicians in 65 clinics are participating. For more information contact your Primary Care Network or check out the details.