The Community Information Integration/Central Patient Attachment Registry program is connecting community providers with the rest of the health system through Alberta Netcare and it has exceeded some exciting milestones. The program surpassed 100 clinics live in October and by the end of November, 112 clinics are live with over 500 physicians (family medicine, general practice or community specialists) participating in those clinics. Another 82 clinics with nearly 340 physicians have signed up and are in the process of getting ready to go live.

While the participation numbers are exciting, the value this program is providing physicians and Albertans is inspiring. Over 190,000 Albertans now have a new document in their Alberta Netcare record called a Community Encounter Digest. With nearly 65,000 consult reports in Netcare from the community, both these documents are filling the gap of information for hospital and emergency departments as well as enabling connections back to community providers.

Importantly, primary providers are aware in their clinic EMR of their patients being discharged from hospital or emergency departments through the feature of CII/CPAR called eNotifications. Thousands of notices go out each week to family physicians that have signed up for the program. They are able to connect with their patients earlier and offer follow-up.

Read about physician experiences on the program news page.

Family medicine specialists can contact their PCN or if they want more information.

Community specialists can contact for more information.

To learn more how CII/CPAR, Netcare and Connect Care systems work together, see this Frequently Asked Questions document.