You're probably finding yourself with a lot less time to read your emails and catch up on information during this busy time. Try listening to the latest updates through the One Nail at a Time (Patient’s Medical Home) podcast where in this episode physicians, both primary and specialty, share three short, but amazing stories of patient care continuity impact from their participation in the Community Information Integration/Central Patient Attachment Registry. 

Dr. Joseph Ojedokun, a family physician from Whitecourt, shares how beneficial eNotifications are and how easy they have been working for him. He shares how, “it’s so beautiful that you are aware and kept in the loop and the patient feels that their care is continuous across the healthcare system.”

Dr. Steve Tilley, a cardiologist from Red Deer shares a notable patient story where one of his consult reports submitted to Netcare through CII was used by a rural emergency department. The result for a patient in acute distress was a rapid, coordinated response involving three care sites in Alberta.

Dr. Chris Le, a family physician from Edmonton, was enabled to coordinate and offer continuity of care for his patient through the CII/CPAR technology including eNotifications.

This is a two-part episode. Listen to part one with Dr. Heidi Fell along with other episodes on the website, or wherever you get your favourite podcasts.

If you are a specialist interested in CII/CPAR, this FAQ will help you get started.

Primary care clinics can get more information and should tell their PCN they are interested in participating.