At the 2020 PCN Strategic Forum Leann Wagner, Assistant Deputy Minister and chair of the Provincial PCN Committee, reiterated the provincial commitment to Community Information Integration/Central Patient Attachment Registry as an initiative to scale up the Patient’s Medical Home in Alberta. In addition, Dr. Justin Balko in his PCN Leads Executive presentation, “Today and Tomorrow”, reinforced CII/CPAR as a priority for PCN leadership to enable continuity of care.

Members and staff of McLeod River PCN shared their Patient’s Medical Home transformation story. Along with physician championship, practice facilitators and clinic improvement action plans, McLeod River’s plan includes implementing CII/CPAR in all their member practices that use EMRs. McLeod River PCN is not alone in the north zone when it comes to CII/CPAR progress; 21% of clinics in the zone are in progress or “live” on CII/CPAR. Provincially, Edmonton North and Wood Buffalo PCNs have the most clinics in progress with ten each.

Other PCNs that shared their stories in scaling up the PMH and adopting CII/CPAR include Camrose, Wood Buffalo, Edmonton North, and Red Deer.

With progress in 26 of 41 PCNs across all zones, as well as specialist clinics, CII/CPAR is approaching some exciting milestones. Nearly 200 physicians are participating in the initiative. Thirty thousand consult reports have been submitted from community clinics to Alberta Netcare along with nearly 100,000 community encounter digests making Albertans’ healthcare records more complete for providers in their circle of care.

EMR Notifications of a patient hospital visit are a valuable benefit of CII CPAR participation. These e-Notifications are live for Healthquest EMR users and are coming soon for TELUS Wolf, Med Access and PS Suite.

If you are interested in more information about CII/CPAR check out this webpage. You can also learn more about the Patient’s Medical Home model and download tools and resources to help your clinic.