CII/CPAR continues building momentum with 250 participants in 44 clinics across 25 PCNs using a TELUS or Microquest EMR. The technology, with the added feature of eNotifications, is closing the gap for both informational and relational continuity of care.

Early adopters at the Campbell Clinic in Chinook PCN in Lethbridge have seen hospital admission/discharge notifications for their paneled patients from as far away as the Misericordia Hospital in Edmonton. The eNotifications in their Healthquest EMR is allowing the team to follow-up appropriately. TELUS is on track to launch the feature in CPAR-enabled clinics early in 2020 for Wolf followed by Med Access then PS Suite; QHR Accuro will follow.

Read about the PCN and clinic experience. Talk to your PCN contact and learn more if you’re interested in participating in CII CPAR.