The number of community physicians sharing select information from their community EMR with Alberta Netcare grows weekly.
As of early March:
  • 557 family physicians and 173 community specialists in more than 155 clinics are sending consult reports and encounter information to Alberta Netcare as well as panels to the Central Patient Attachment Registry.
  • The number of consult reports from community specialists in Netcare is approaching 100,000.
  • More than 265,000 Albertans have a 'Community Encounter Digest' in their Netcare record with information from community providers.
With access to consultants' patient management plans, care teams are better equipped to treat Albertans, which has a positive impact upon those in emergency or hospital. Patient care across the health care system is more informed and hundreds of other physicians are in the sign-up stage. Check out the statistics to the end of February.

If you are interested in submitting your consult reports to Netcare from your Accuro, Healthquest, Med Access, PS Suite or Wolf EMR, e-mail: If you are a primary care provider, e-mail: