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Toward Optimized Practice

Alberta Screening and Prevention Program


The focus of ASaP is to support physicians, nurse practitioners and clinic teams to offer a screening and prevention bundle to all their patients through enhanced opportunistic and planned outreach methods (targeting patients who do not present for screening care). The Alberta Screening and Prevention (ASaP) program is now in its 5th year of operation. The efforts of primary care teams are paying off, with results showing the impact of continuous quality improvement on patient care.To begin, establishing panel identification and maintenance processes will be the first step for many teams. 

Maneuver Menu for Adults

The updated ASaP Screening Maneuvers Menu and reference list for Adults reflects new evidence and changes to recommendations while continuing to balance impact and practicality in primary care settings. Every year the ASaP maneuver menu is reviewed and updated by the ASaP Scientific Advisory Committee. Changes to the maneuver menu reflect emerging evidence and/or improvements in screening.

What's changed for the 2017 Maneuver Menu?

Initiate cardiovascular disease (CVD) risk and lipid profile screening starting at age 40 for both women and men.

Why the change?

While the evidence continues to suggest that screening women before the age of 50 is unlikely to identify women at elevated risk of CVD when other risks factors (e.g., diabetes) are not readily apparent; from a logistical/practical point of view, the new Canadian Cardiovascular Society Guideline and the ASaP Scientific Advisory Committee were of the opinion that harmonizing the age range to 40-74 for both men and women would:

  1. Avoid confusion and questions from Alberta physicians about differences in ages for the different guidelines and ASaP
  2. Permit simplicity in the screening process (i.e., starting men and women at the same age).

NOTE: The Toward Optimized Practice Prevention and Management of Cardiovascular Disease Risk in Primary Care Clinical Practice Guideline has also been modified accordingly.

How to implement the change

Practice changes begin now (October 2017). Chart review changes began April 1, 2018. This gives practices time to start implementing the changed screening maneuver.


For more information on the ASaP program, please contact or phone 780.482.0319 (toll free 1.866.505.3302).