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Practice Management Program
Primary Care Networks Program Management Office
Toward Optimized Practice

EMR Resources and Measurement

‚ÄčThe EMR plays an important role as the technical enabler within the Medical Home for documentation and measurement. Measurement is the way a practice can determine whether the implementation has been successful. It can provide the team with evidence that the change has had a positive impact and can help foster continuous quality improvement.

EMR Tool and Resources

Clinic ASaP+ EMR Assessment tool

EMR guides

Med Access Tip sheet, ASaP+ section (page 55)

Accuro Tip sheet, ASaP+ section (page 47)

Wolf Tip sheet, ASaP+ section (page 63)

Healthquest Tip sheet, ASaP+ section (page 62)

PS Suite Tip sheet  ASaP+ section to be added in December

Find more EMR resources including short videos that support EMR optimization.


ASaP+ Measurement Guide

Sample Quality Improvement plan

ASaP+ Measures Form