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Group Medical Visits

Group medical visits (GMVs) are expanded appointments where patients meet with healthcare providers in a group. For example, instead of seeing six patients with complex care needs at six separate 15 minutes appointments, all six or more patients attend one appointment for 1.5 hours. The time required by providers is similar, but the time for patients is greatly enhanced through longer contact with care providers and others with related medical conditions.

Organized Evidence Based Care

Organized Evidence Based Care involves embedding evidence-based guidelines into every day clinical practice where each encounter is designed to meet the patient’s preventive and chronic illness needs.


GMVs can be offered in many combinations:

  • Physician and facilitator (clinic staff member)
  • Physician and facilitator (interdisciplinary team member)
  • Two or more interdisciplinary team members Suggested 'rules':
  • No fewer than two providers
  • At least one should have specific training in facilitating groups


GMVs have typically been offered in the clinic - in the waiting room or in a larger space. Some providers use other options in the community - The only rule is that it must be private.


GMVs can be offered during clinic hours or after hours, depending on the patient population's time availability, the options for meeting space, etc.


  • Increased efficiency and effectiveness in caring for chronically ill patients
  • Enhanced use of healthcare team
  • Less repetition of information
  • More time to address psychosocial issues and barriers
  • Improved clinical outcomes
  • Patient-centered care
  • Increased provider and patient satisfaction


While there are specific models of GMVs, it is not necessary to follow a particular approach – they can be structured in a number of ways. Most providers start by identifying a patient population that would benefit from the group setting. GMVs can be set up for ‘cohorts’ of patients for a set period of time, or as ’drop-ins’ that are ongoing. The key is to plan well, start small and learn as you go.