2022-2023 Physician Champion Network Schedule

September 21, 2022LEADS in a Caring Environment: Team Building: Practical Tips for Engaging Your Team

The landscape of primary care is rapidly changing.  A team approach to patient care is emerging as a critical strategy for family practices to thrive. Turning 'staff' into a team requires a process of engagement.  During this session, we'll dicuss several practical tips and strategies.
November 2, 2022 LEADS in a Caring Environment: Some is Not a Number; Soon is Not a Time: Practical Measurement in the PMHIt has been said that you can't improve what you can't measure.  Measurement provides critical feedback as teams build their medical homes.  We'll discuss practical approaches to measurement that provide 'just enough' information to make adjustments without adding to the team's workload.
Jan 11, 2023'STAC'ing Up for Quality Improvement

PMH Advancement Session:

With the CPSA's new Physician Practice Improvement Program, there's a surge in interest in quality improvement. The STAC (Sequence to Achieve Change) is a simple 7-step framework that can be used by a clinic team to guide any QI project.

Feb 22, 2023


Innovate to Orchestrate: How Family Practice Can Transform the System

Leadership Development Session:

With the focus on system-wide issues like transitions of care, more than ever the importance of primary care is being recognized.  As the 'hub' of the system, primary care has an opportunity to contribute to shaping the healthcare landscape of the future.  We'll discuss how physician champions can engage others in preparing to make the most of this opportunity.

Apr 5, 2023Panels, Encounters & Consults, Oh My!: CII/CPAR Practice Tips

PMH Advancement Session:

CII/CPAR is an important aspect of Alberta's plan to 'seal the cracks' that patients can fall through. It requires changes in processes and workflows to maintain accurate panels, to facilitate information moving from the EMR to the clinical encounter digest (CED), and to efficiently manage eNotifications and effectively leverage consults. We'll have large and small group discussions, so come prepared to share your experience and 'clinical pearls'.

May 17, 2023Dr. No: Holding Firm (but Friendly) Boundaries as a Physician and Leader

Leadership Development Session:

It's very common for physicians to have boundary issues related to time, demands of patients, and administrative tasks. Setting healthy boundaries and holding them is important for managing the daily cost to mental and physical health, relationships at work and at home, and general happiness and life satisfaction that a lack of personal limits can result in. We'll learn about strategies and techniques to begin practicing the art of boundary maintenance.

June 28, 2023

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Primary Care Governance, and More!


PMH Advancement Session:

To influence a system, it's critical to first understand it.  What was the origin of the Primary Care Network approach? How do the zones operate? How are decisions made about the future of primary care?  Bring your questions and prepare to geek out on governance!

Sept 13, 2023Mastering the Art of *Effective* Feedback

Leadership Development Session:

One of the more challenging aspects of being a good leader is giving effective and timely feedback to those we work with. Receiving feedback openly and with grace can be almost as challenging!  We'll discuss coaching approach brain-based strategies for giving and receiving feedback that result in painless encounters and positive outcomes.

Oct 25, 2023When Demand is High and Supply is Low: Options for Providing Timely Access in a Challenging Climate

PMH Advancement Session:

With the current deficit of family physicians and other healthcare providers - combined with the growing number of patients with complexity in the system - providing timely access to care can be a challenge.  As Alberta navigates this crisis, new approaches to family medicine delivery must be considered.  We'll discuss options that range from small changes to improve efficiency to maximizing teamwork to options for alternative payment models. 

Dec 6, 2023Calming the Waters: Techniques to De-escalate Conflict

Leadership Development Session:

Whether it's patients, clinic team members or fellow board members, the potential for tension and conflict is ever present.  We'll explore conflict and step-by-step de-escalation strategies through the lens of neuroscience.