Advanced Certificate Series for PCN Governance Training

The Advanced Certificate module builds on the Essentials training and is designed for PCN Board and Joint Governance members who are interested in advancing their contributions to the PCN. There are three core topic areas within the Advanced module that include: (1) Reaching Maximum Board Effectiveness, (2) Understanding PCN Finances, and (3) Managing your People Well. Taking this module will elevate your PCN governance knowledge!

Topics covered include:

  • Maximizing your Board and Committee Meeting effectiveness
  • Dealing with "Board Disruptors"
  • PCN Board and ED/MD Succession Planning
  • Best Practice in Human Resource Management 
  • How to motivate and guide your ED towards maximum potential 
  • Value of Financial assessments and audits 
  • Learning the right questions to ask to ensure your PCN is financially healthy

It is recommended that you complete an Essentials certificate as a pre-requisite for the Advanced certificate.

Training Dates 

PCN Governance Training is moving to a new format and will be delivered through an Alberta Medical Association learning management system that will include online modules and an in-person virtual session. Watch this page for links to training. Coming soon.