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Practice Management Program
Primary Care Networks Program Management Office
Toward Optimized Practice

Practice Facilitator Training

The following training sessions are currently available to Practice Facilitators in Alberta:  
  • Core Practice Facilitator Training
  • Opioid Process Improvement Training
  • CII-CPAR Practice Facilitator Training
Core Practice Facilitator Training
This training program is intended for prospective or existing Practice Facilitators seeking to achieve a core competency level as defined in the Practice Facilitator Self-Assessment.  The training provides participants with practical skills and knowledge, including: the Patient’s Medical Home (PMH) approach, quality improvement (QI) tools, facilitation skills, administering the PMH assessment, and much more. PFs are also trained in facilitating change packages, such as Panel Process Improvement, Care Planning, Continuity, Alberta Screening and Prevention (ASaP & ASaP+), and more.  The training is facilitated by AMA ACTT (Alberta Medical Association Accelerating Change Transformation Team).

The curriculum delivered aligns with evidence and adult learning principles; the in-person training hours are 80% activity-based learning.  The Practice Facilitator Core Training is approximately 34 hours of in-person and self-directed learning time .  In order to optimize learning participants are asked to engage with a clinic team whom they will work with on a specific change package during the training.

Pre-Requisites and Other Requirements:
  • Participants will have at least one clinic they are working on with on a change package
  • Participants will be expected to complete assigned pre-work
  • Participants will be expected to complete homework between Sessions 1 & 2
  • Following training, participants will be invited to join a provincial community of practice for Practice Facilitators.
The summary includes the timeline, associated hours, and key activities by the PCN leaders and Practice Facilitators. 

To register for upcoming Core Practice Facilitator Training sessions please visit the Events and Training page on this site.

For questions about the below offerings email: 
Core Practice Facilitator Training
Opioid Process Improvement Training
CII-CPAR Practice Facilitator Training