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Primary Care Research

How Do We Take the Patient's Medical Home to Scale in Alberta?

The Patient's Medical Home (PMH) is an integral part of Alberta’s primary health care strategy to foster transformation of our health system. It is recognized as a proven means to improve patient access and outcomes, and to slow the rise of healthcare expenditures.

Learn about 2 local cognitive science studies that address the challenge of spread and scale of the PMH and provide actionable insights into how to support system transformation efforts.

How Can We Better Support Integration of Our Health System in Alberta?

Improving integration between specialty and primary care is key to reducing unnecessary hospital admissions, readmissions, medical errors and delays in receiving care.

Learn about our local cognitive science pilot study that sought to understand how family physicians and specialists make sense of the referral/consultation process and our recommendations to support better integration within our health system:

Enhancing Alberta Primary Care Networks

ACTT is pleased to support the University of Alberta's Department of Family Medicine with the work of EnACTEnACT is an infrastructure to support and enhance Alberta's existing practice-based research networks. Supported by the AI Transitional Health Chair in Engaged Scholarship, awarded to Dr. Lee Green, its mission is two-fold: support research in practice, and support research on practice.