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About PMH

Building Medical Homes for Patients in Alberta

Alberta’s Primary Health Care Strategy outlines a new vision for primary care in Alberta based on a model called the Patient's Medical Home (PMH). The PMH, as defined by the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC), is “a family practice defined by its patients as the place they feel most comfortable - most at home - to present and discuss their personal and family health and medical concerns...”.

Transformation to the PMH in Alberta will entail an enormous amount of change at the practice level. As well-established supports to primary care practices, Primary Care Networks (PCNs) play an integral role in practices' transformational journeys.

Putting the Patient's Medical Home into Practice

From a clinic team's perspective, the PMH is where a patient has an ongoing relationship with a physician and team, and all of their health care needs are coordinated.

To support clinic teams with this transitional work, an approach from a demonstration project called the Safety Net Medical Home Initiative (2013) has been adapted to fit the Alberta context. The adapted Guide to Implementation Elements and Implementation Field Kit offer a practical, evidence based approach to guide teams in their transformational  journeys - it is a "roadmap" that is complimentary to the vision and framework put forth for the PMH - i.e. PCN Evolution.

Alberta's Implementation Toolkit is another useful resource that was developed by the CPFC, Alberta College of Family Physicians, and Centre for Effective Practice to provide Alberta physicians and clinic teams with actionable steps they can take to align their practices with the PMH principles.

To support this work, PCN Evolution has adopted the 10 pillar framework for the PMH developed by the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC). The CPFC's 10 pillars conceptualize what makes up a PMH and were first described in the CFPC's 2011 PMH Vision Paper.

In 2019, the CFPC built upon this vision by releasing A New Vision for Canada: Family Practice - The Patient's Medical Home 2019 which "captures the evolution of family medicine and refreshes the vision for the road ahead for family practices, their patients and policy makers".