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Toward Optimized Practice

Electronic Medical Record Supports

EMR Network - Alberta

ACTT (Accelerating Change Transformation Team) has partnered with PCN and clinic EMR experts to deliver a provincial EMR Network. The objectives of the network are to: 
  • Build connections between EMR users across the province
  • Develop knowledge, skills, and abilities that support quality improvement (QI) in the EMR within the PMH
  • Provide a venue to share leading practices, tools, resources, and innovations/solutions to EMR challenges
The EMR Network officially launched on October 2, 2019 and is predominately virtual in nature, including quarterly webinars, a collaborative website, and the option to participate in EMR user groups. The success of the EMR Network will be grounded in participants' commitment to engage and share tools, learnings and leading practices related to the Patient’s Medical Home.