You may have noticed new patient reports coming directly to your EMR. Alberta Health Services has initiated a change and clinics enabled on eDelivery are now receiving Summative Notes documents in their EMR. 

Summative Notes are sent via eDelivery within hours of their creation. Discharge Summaries in particular, may be updated at a later date with new information. When this happens, they will be re-sent so the current version is on file. Because of this, you may see multiple versions of the Discharge Summaries in your EMR inbox. 

Key things to remember:
  • These new eDelivery changes are independent of CII/CPAR
  • Summative Notes are received by the primary provider as identified by the patient and are sent from Connect Care enabled facilities only.
  • CII/CPAR eNotifications are sent from AHS facilities across Alberta, whether it is on a legacy system or Connect Care, and do not depend on how the primary provider is recorded at registration
  • Summative Notes and CII/CPAR eNotifications are complementary and together help ensure that your patients do not fall through the cracks
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To learn more about how CII/CPAR, Alberta Netcare and Connect Care systems work together, see this Frequently Asked Questions document.