Family physicians and pediatricians participating in the Central Patient Attachment Registry (CPAR) will notice something different in Alberta Netcare Portal as of April 2022. Their name will appear prominently in the demographics area of their patient’s records in Netcare.
This enhancement to CII/CPAR will assist in connecting providers across the system to the patient’s primary provider, the provider with knowledge and a comprehensive record of the patient in their EMR.

If you are a CPAR participant, click here for the FAQ.
If you are a Netcare user, click here for the FAQ.

This enhancement adds to the value of what CII/CPAR is already doing:
  • Sharing encounters and consult reports to Netcare
  • Informing the CPAR primary provider in their EMR when one of their paneled patients has an admission or discharge in AHS
You can join hundreds of physicians and integrate your clinic EMR with Alberta Netcare Portal through CII/CPAR. Complete this form to talk with a team member!

To learn more about how CII/CPAR, Netcare and Connect Care systems work together, see this Frequently Asked Questions document.