More than 1,000 community physicians now have their EMR integrated with Alberta Netcare through Community Information Integration and the Central Patient Attachment Registry (CII/CPAR) in over 230 clinics across Alberta.

With clinics in 36 PCNs participating, integration is benefiting providers as well as their practice teams and patients. In a time with high unpredictability, CII/CPAR participation can bring some planning and predictable work to the provider and team. Whereas in the past, physicians would often learn that a patient had been hospitalized when they talked to the patient in the exam room, sometimes weeks after the fact, they are now notified in their EMR within hours of discharge from hospital or emergency. This early and timely notice allows the provider and team to plan for follow-up appointments. 

Edmonton zone physician Dr. Ron Shute shared his experience in a recent webinar:

"One thing that stood out in my clinic is that our doctors are really pleased to get that notification directly to them. Prior to this, the way we found out about the discharge is that the staff had gone through this workaround process and booked an appointment for the high risk people. So the physicians realized they have a high risk discharge when they have a follow-up visit booked. Our docs like being a little more directly involved, they like having an eye on it; yes, we are doing the LACE scores, but if they have an immediate concern for a patient they can ask to bring this person in. They can also question the staff and ask, ‘do we need to bring this person in, can we do this by phone?’ So, the direct involvement of physicians in this process, enabled by eNotifications, is greatly appreciated as it triggers quality team communication and services our patient population just a little bit better."

If you are a physician interested in participating in CII/CPAR, contact us today for more information.