By visit volume, most care for Albertans occurs in the community and, until recently, community clinic EMRs were not integrated with Netcare. Albertans have a more comprehensive Netcare record as a result of physicians, nurse practitioners and other allied health team members contributing basic visit information to Albertan’s Community Encounter Digest (CED) by participating in the Community Information Integration and the Central Patient Attachment Registry (CII/CPAR) program.

Ronda Ryder, is a community paramedic for Alberta Health Services in the Calgary Zone, who used the CED from Netcare to care for a patient:

“While working as a community paramedic (CP) I was at a long-term care site and was asked to see an unscheduled patient. I had no info on the patient other than she had slipped in the bathroom and felt 'faint'. By the time I was able to see the patient was two hours post-incident and she had no symptoms. She was unsure if she felt faint before the fall or only after the fall, however she had no injuries and vitals were within normal limits. 
After reviewing her physical medications and comparing them to Netcare, I saw she had a Community Report. Due to my role as a Practice Facilitator with Mosaic Primary Care Network, I knew how to utilize the Community Encounter Digest. I took a look and could see that for the past four weeks the patient was seeing her doctor regularly to investigate hypertension (confirmed by patient) in addition I could see she had a referral in place to Cardiology and the date it was sent. I felt confident that the patient had a good care plan, and a strong relationship with her family doctor. 
So instead of dialing in another doctor through the CP program, I could do a follow-up call with the patient for the remainder of the weekend and ensure she was able to get an appointment with her family doctor and send my report. I would also like to say this doctor was a PCN member, and thus I had after-hours support if needed and because of the CED I knew I had several options to support this patient in her home.

As a CP the amount of confidence I felt on this call during a long weekend can’t be overlooked; this truly helped the patient and she felt unbelievable support.”

By the end of August 2021, over 500,000 Albertans had a CED in their Alberta Netcare Portal record. This is accessible to other providers in their circle of care, importantly those providing urgent care. 

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