If so, you can sign up for Community Information Integration/Central Patient Attachment Registry. There are already 189 physicians in 40 clinics using Wolf that are fully live and another 108 physicians in 23 clinics in progress to implement CII/CPAR and connect their clinic EMR to the rest of the health system. Recognizing that Wolf is going to be retired in December 2023, some providers are still choosing to join CII/CPAR now to take advantage of the benefits to themselves and their patients. TELUS has committed to smooth transitions and clinics will not need to sign up twice for CII/CPAR. This article is the second in a series to highlight CII/CPAR implementation experience with the five conformed EMRs.

Dr. Joseph Ojedokun, who has a family practice in Whitecourt, says, “studies have shown that continuity of care is the single most important intervention that when offered to patients through timely access, can reduce mortality by up to 50%. As enablers of continuity of care, CII/CPAR and eNotifications are in my opinion, the best things that have happened to Primary Care in Alberta”. Knowing when your patients have been in emergency or hospital is the first step in supporting smoother transitions of care.

Specialist care providers are submitting consult reports to Alberta Netcare and those reports are informing providers in ED and hospital of the patient’s management plans already in place from their community specialist.

Primary care providers should tell their PCN they are interested in participating or e-mail continuity@albertadoctors.org.

Interested specialist care providers should e-mail cii-specialty@albertadoctors.org.