If so, you can sign up for Community Information Integration/Central Patient Attachment Registry. There are already 373 physicians in 70 clinics using Med Access that are fully live and another 150 physicians in 32 clinics in progress to implement CII/CPAR and connect their clinic EMR to the rest of the health system. This article is the third in a series to highlight CII/CPAR implementation experience with the five conformed EMRs.

One of the earlier Med Access clinics to go live on CII/CPAR was the Truong Clinic in Calgary. As Dr. Barney Truong explains in his story, he used the assistance of his Mosaic PCN Practice Facilitator to walk him through the readiness steps. 
Once the clinic went live, he didn’t really notice anything different. 
“In fact, for the first couple of days, I didn’t even know if anything was happening because, from our end, nothing was really different. Everything gets done in the background.” 

“The overall message is that it didn’t really affect our workflow all that much, or not at all really. We basically did everything the same, we just had to make sure that we were entering data properly and everything else was done in the background.”

All Med Access clinics that are participating in CII/CPAR with panels are also receiving eNotifications in the EMR, enabling the provider and team to know when one of their patients has been discharged from an ED, admitted or discharged from hospital or had day surgery. This is significant improvement for both providers and patients.

Interested in learning more or participating?

Primary care providers should contact their PCN if they are interested; or e-mail continuity@albertadoctors.org.

Specialist care providers in the community can now submit consult reports to Alberta Netcare through CII. There are already over 100,000 new consult reports in Netcare informing providers in EDs and hospitals of management plans already in place from their community specialist.

Interested specialist care providers should e-mail cii-specialty@albertadoctors.org.